Sunday, November 8, 2009

Master Fishville Guide: How to Help the Neighbors with very cold tanks...

Here is the another little Fishville Guide of "How to help your Fishville Neighbors with very cold tanks". I will be telling you using various pictures from Fishville:-
1. When you visit a Fishville Neighbor's Tank, sometimes their tank is way too cold and dirty as well. When you visit their tanks, you will see the screen shown below:-

2. Now once you are at your friend's tank, you can notice two things:-
  • Tank is way too cold - almost freezing
  • Tank is very dirty

 3. So first of all you can click "Accept" to help your friend as far as the coldness of the water is concerned. The tank is warming up now.

 4. Now the tank is at normal temperature but still dirty.

5. Although your friend has thanked you for helping but still you can clean their tank to get extra advantage. Take the mouse cursor on the green patch and click to clean. YOU ARE DONE!!!

After helping your neighhbor with very cold tank, you can also click here to see:
How to help the Fishville Neighbor with very hot tank?

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