Sunday, November 8, 2009

Master Fishville: Neighbors Guide: How to help your neighbors in Fishville?

Similar to Farmville, in Fishville you are also supposed to make neighbors/friends to progress fast in the game.
Initially the Fishville Game will help you in adding the neighbors in one of the following ways:-

1. In the start of the game it will inform you that "You can earn more COINS and EXPERIENCE by helping out on neighboring tanks, but you need neighbors first! - Get more Neighbors now!"  And you can add neighbors by simply clicking on "Add Neighbors".

2. After some time into Fishville, the game will again remind you that "Having Neighbors allows you to visit their fish to gain coins and experience!" and this time you can add neighbors by clicking on "Ask for Neighbors" button.

3. Similar to Farmville, you can click on "My Neighbors" button on the bar on top of the Fishville Game screen and invite many neighbors from your Facebook friends list.

4. On the Fishville Game Screen, you can see the blank places where your neighbors are supposed to be. By clicking on any of the "Invite Friend!" button, you can add the neighbors. (See picture below)

You can complete various NEIGHBOR MISSIONS including (Click on the links to view explicit details):-

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