Saturday, December 24, 2011

Latest Guide to Neighbor Visits in FishVille!

The new Neighbor Visits feature unlocks at Level 3.

What is the new Neighbor Visits feature?
With the new Neighbor Visits feature, you can stock up on Friend Food for your entire tank. You can then request your neighbors to be Guardians to your tanks. This way, when you’re out on vacation or unable to get to your tank, your Guardians can feed all your fish for you! 

What has changed?
In the past, each of your friends was able to feed only up to 5 fish each. Now, a single Guardian can feed all your fish!

How do I stock up on Friend Food?
When you log into the game, you will see the following pop-up:

If you miss this, or close the pop-up, never fear. 
You can always click on the Friend Food icon – this is available under the Food menu. The pop-up will appear upon clicking on this.
If you choose the “Buy Fish Food” icon, you will see this pop-up:

You can buy up to a maximum of 400 Friend Food, per day. You can increase the default 100 food by clicking on the “+100” button.
You can extend the time period to a maximum of 15 days by clicking on the “+” button.
You can select whether you want to pay for this in Sand Dollars or Coins. 
100 Friend Food for 1 day costs 1 Sand Dollar or 70,000 Coins. 
Increasing either the quantity of food or the number of days will increase the cost by 1 Sand Dollar or 70,000 Coins.

Note: Once you have bought a certain amount of food, you cannot refill your Friend Food until the number of days you have bought it for ends. So if you buy 1 Friend Food for 1 day, you will need to wait for one day to pass before you can purchase more Friend Food. So plan your purchases carefully.

How is Friend Food used?
Once you purchase Friend Food, you can request your friends to become your Guardians. Click on “Ask friends for help” to send a request to your friends. 

This request will be sent to your friends’ ZMC (Zynga Message Center) and on your friends’ Facebook Wall as a Feed. If your friends accept this request, they become permanent Guardians to your fish. They can feed your fish every 24 hours.
When a Guardian signs into his game after accepting your request, he or she will receive a reminder to feed your fish. This only pops up if your fish haven’t been fed by him or her for 24 hours.
This reminder will present him with three options:
· Yes – Clicking on this will take your Guardian to your tank.
· Later – Clicking on this will remind your Guardian to feed your fish after some time.
· Never remind me again – Clicking on this will remove your Guardian from his responsibility. 
Clicking on yes will take your Guardian to your tank and give him this option:

Clicking on “Feed All” will feed all your fish.

How do I know who is feeding my fish?
A HUD icon will be visible on the right hand side of your tank. This will show you which of your neighbors has shown your fish the most love, whether they are your Guardians or not. The number of fish they have fed will be visible. You can send them thank you gifts by clicking on the “Send Gift” button. You can also click on the “Thank You” button to post a thank you to their Wall, which will reward them with 1000 Coins.

What if I don’t buy Friend Food?
If you don’t buy friend food, your friends will only be able feed only five fishes each, every 24 hours.

Where can I find my Friend Food?
You can find your Friend Food in the Food menu of your tank.

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