Sunday, November 8, 2009

How to play Fishville in 3 Easy Steps?

Here I would tell you 3 simple steps which have been taught by Facebook's Fishville Tutorial. By following and understanding these 3 simple steps you will be able to play Fishville with out any problem:-
1. Step 1. When you start playing Fishville, you find some fishes inside your aquarium. In Step#1, you are supposed to learn "HOW TO SELL FISH IN FISHVILLE?"
In order to follow the instructions, you can simply click on the SELL tool in the right bottom corner of your Fishville game screen. After selecting the SELL tool, you can click on any Fish inside the aquarium to SELL it.

2. Step 2. After you successfully learned "HOW TO SELL FISH IN FISHVILLE", you are now required to learn "HOW TO BUY EGGS FROM FISHVILLE STORE?" You can simply go to the Fishville Store and buy eggs from the FISH tab of the store. Select the fish which you want to put in your aquarium, then take the mouse cursor to game screen and click every time to drop one egg inside the aquarium.


3. Step 3. After a few seconds, fish will hatch from the eggs. Fish need to grow before they are ready to be sold, therefore click on FEED button and start feeding the fish. Believe me! They are really very hungry babies!
As fish grow they become hungry again. Every time fishes are hungry, a food icon is displayed in front of their mouth and you can feed them in the same way - BY clicking on FEED tool and start leaving food in aquarium using your mouse. If the Fishes are not fed in time, they will die. You can take the mouse cursor on any fish and see that after how much time, it will require to be fed.
Don't let your Fish die because they will give you Fishville Coins when sold.
You are ready to play Fishville NOW.

For a detailed Tutorial on "How to Play Fishville?" you can click on the link (Will be updated soon)

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